Trekking and other sports

Leopoldia Dune Sprint Trail trophy


It is a quick and adventurous trail  10 km long. It was planned for the first time on the 22nd of November 2015, in the lake Biviere di Gela.

On the occasion of the European project  Life+ Natura Leopoldia, the associations No al doping and Sport Action, with the participation of  the Uisp Ragusa committee and the Lipu (managing authority of the natural Reserve), arrange a race among rushes and little woods of tamarisk.

It will also be useful in order to better know the Life project aimed to the protection of Leopoldia and the safety of the dune habitats which, over the last 50 years, have been considerably damaged going through drastic permutations.


Walking routes


Many walking and trekking routes are planned in the Golfo di Gela.

Mainly, environmental associations and different cooperatives promote long walks into the natural and well preserved areas.

The Natura 2000 trekking is an annual appointment. This route crosses the SCI of Sughereta di Niscemi and Bosco di S. Pietro.

The following trekking routes can be planned upon request , for groups of 10 people minimum:

-Route of the lake Biviere, 8 km

-Sughereta di Niscemi,  complete route, 10 km

-Dunes of Gela, 10 km

-Around the Comunelli, 8km


By bicycle


There are tourist paths suitable for cycling all over Piana di Gela.

Those who want to experience harder difficulties, with ascents and descents in the middle of the woods, can ask for a mountain-bike guide that will go with you across the woods of Santo Pietro and Sughereta di Niscemi.

A group of 10 people minimum is required.


Horse ride

Horse rides can be planned, contacting some associations of the territory which work to guarantee a safe and singular experience into the Sughereta di Niscemi.



Naturalist guides and ornithologists are always available and open for guided visits in the most interesting  places in the district of Piana di Gela. Moreover, Lipu  Niscemi has launched a competition, starting in 2015: 100 in 48, will you be able to observe 100 species of birds in 48 hours? Give it a try!


Sea- watching

From 2016 on, Lipu Niscemi is planning on a new service that will take you on a boat to observe marine birds offshore the coast of Gela.

Every expedition will be different with gannets, seagulls, great cormorants, mergansers and other birds which are hardly seen from the seashore.