The Archeotrekking is a tourist formulation that combines the discovery of cultural and artistic beauties of the territory with trekking, thanks to some footpaths which are useful  to reconstruct the history and customs of the area, on the respect of the surrounding nature.

The forgotten necropolis

A 5 km long path in the heart of Piana di Gela, that will make you admire the two thousands tombs of the Bronze age, in the Disueri necropolis. This fascinating place will allow you to spend a beautiful day, know more about history and enjoy the moist environment of the lake Disueri and Gela, areas with a large multitude of water birds and preserved habitats:  an extraordinary union between myth and nature.



In the Piana di Gela, a few kilometres away from the city, you can walk a dirt path 2 km long , leading to Grotticelle,  early Christian catacomb complex.  On the calcareous cliff, near the medieval  Castelluccio, the bunkers of the Second World War create a very strong contrast with it.


Tombs of Comunelli

It’s a treasure of biodiversity and a place of ancient culture.

The Comunelli is an artificial lake which has now re-naturalized itself with the progressive  interment, the development of a rich vegetation and the arrival of thousand birds. Moreover, prehistoric populations used to live in the calcareous cliffs enclosing the moist area: a footpath will help you to follow the last traces.


Manfria:  nature, sea and history

The coast of Manfria, a few kilometres away from the west of Gela, own a particular charm due to the presence of untouched natural environments and considerable historic and archaeological testimonies.

You can take a series of walks that will lead you to admire the coast from the tower of the XVIth century, appreciates the rich biodiversity of the cliffs and then finish the day with a nice bath in the sunset.


Observations from the Castelluccio

Starting from a parking area  one km away from the Castelluccio of Gela, fortress wanted by Frederick II, you get to an upland from where you can admire the whole Piana di Gela  and birdwatch birds of prey migrating, white storks looking for food and (only the lucky ones!) also admire the transit of the cranes in December or March.