Civic museum of Niscemi

The eighteenth-century monumental complex belonging to the Franciscans and  adjacent to the San Francesco church, in Martiri di Nāṣiriya square, has symbolized, over the last years, one of the most important architectural  emergencies  of the historic and architectural heritage of Niscemi.

In compliance with the financial budget provided in the new plan PO FESR 2007-2013 related to the valorisation of the historic and monumental properties, the project about  the renovation and restoration of the complex concerns a property destined to a collective use(cultural areas such as museums), connected to the territory of Niscemi and its district.

First of all, the intervention aims to a structural and functional renovation of the property, so its spaces , which are repositories of knowledge and culture, can regain strength and host a museum, divided in many sections (civic, anthropological and naturalist museum, picture gallery and cultural areas.)