The purpose

C.I.CO.G.NA. 2000 is a website whose aim is to increase the value of sustainable tourism in the Natura 2000 sites  of Golfo di Gela.

The environmental associations LIPU and CEA choose the best holiday packages in which the well planned and tempting offer is connected to the valorisation of natural and semi natural environments of the territory.

The goals of this platform are:

1)Make the biodiversity of the territory well known, presenting the most important aspects of flora and fauna, with a special reference to the most common interesting species.

2) Promote local activities, associations, cooperatives and business who work in the tourist sector and fully respect the local and community laws about sustainability, social involvement and cultural integration.

3) Offer a large selection of paths, itineraries and propositions that allow the tourist  a weekly stay and a rich list of activities, both during the summertime and the low holiday season.

4)  Through the use of a bibliographic collection of scientific publications, texts, articles and books, support an easy and clear educational restitution, easy to understand for everybody, from children to fathers who are planning to spend a week in the district of Gela, Niscemi, Butera, Caltagirone, Acate and Mazzarino.

5) Divulge educational material, such as leaflets and path maps, about  SIC and ZPS sites of Golfo di Gela, to improve its fruition and publication.